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Creating Trauma Informed Classrooms

EDTalks: Mark Sanders and the Trauma Informed Classroom. Links to resources to create trauma-informed classrooms. NAEYC: Creating Trauma Informed Classrooms Unlocking the Door to Learning: McInerney & McKlindon Trauma-Informed Classroom Strategies Trauma-Informed Teaching Strategies

We Can Stop Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Abuse Before They Happen

The following is taken from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) Sexual Assault Awareness Month Resources page. We all have a right to safety in our daily lives — to have our boundaries respected and make choices about what happens to our bodies — at home, school, the workplace, and in public places. That sense of wellbeing and safety can be taken away by knowing that sexual assault, harassment, and abuse are common and not always taken seriously. The good news is that we can stop sexual abuse before it happens by addressing the bigger picture in which it occurs. The Bigger Picture Too often, our society sends the message that sexual assault, harassment, and abuse are caused

Growing Closer to Your QuaranTEEN: More Than Just Physical Connection

To parents and caregivers confined with teenagers during this pandemic, there are only two outcomes for yours and your teens’ relationship: an improved connection or a more distant bond. Unless your pre-quaroutine consisted of spending all day together, your relationship cannot remain the same as it was before. This may be a unique time during their adolescence when you have the opportunity to spend quality time together. The following advice can help build the relationship with your teen that you’ve been wanting. Listen to What Your Teenager Has to Say. Although it would be great for your teen to jump out of bed, expressing their love and gratitude for you (right after cleaning their rooms

COVID-19 Resources and Anxiety Management for You and Your Family

In the next installment of resources available to help us manage any ill effects of the current COVID-19 crisis, we are linking to timely resources. First, the Pat Walker Health Counseling and Psychological Services Center at the University of Arkansas has created a mental health resource and workbook to help people manage stress and anxiety as a result of the pandemic. You can find a link to the downloadable workbook here. The Child Mind Institute has developed a wealth of resources to support families during the pandemic. You can link to their Facebook live video chats and daily tips for parenting during the crisis here. The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) has also deve

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