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Make the Pledge!

You can become an ambassador for hope beyond hurt



· Attend an ECTIC Trauma 101 Presentation to learn more about the coalition, impact of toxic stress and the role we each play in creating a trauma informed community.

· Choose to see more when a person is struggling in life or experiences a difficult situation. Practice empathy by asking: “What happened to them?” Rather than “What’s wrong with them?”

· Spread the word and Advocate! Follow and share ECTIC information and champion trauma informed practices for your place of employment, civic engagement, volunteerism, religion, school, etc.

· Attend ECTIC Community Meetings at least once per year.

· Practice self-care regularly to develop and hone resiliency.

· Contribute to ECTIC initiatives with your time, talent, and/or treasure when possible.

When you pledge to become an

ECTIC Ambassador of Hope,

you'll receive this Pledge Pass in your e-mail

or you can pick one up at our next Trauma 101 training or

Community Meeting!


Join the movement. Sign the Pledge


YOUR name will be featured here!

Abdul Hakim

Adrienne Dixon

Adrienne Riegle

Alexandra Rathmann

Alyson Eagle

Amanda Will

Amy Barrett

Amy Cash

Amy Johnson

Andrea Bierer

Angela Gerks

Angela Murosky

Ayrn Herron

Barbara Lewis

Becky Clark

Brittany LaFuria

Caitlyn Strohmeyer

Carol Buckleitner

Candace Battles

Casey Kuhn

Cassie Dundon

Catherine Toews

Caty Zona

Charity Grace

Chris Dundon

Chrissy Dougan

Christine Agnello

Christine Colao-Nickson

Cindy Viveralli

Colleen Hanks

Darlene Kovacs

Darlene Krol

David Koma

Denise Lopez

Destiny Ganzer

Del Birch

Donna Miller

Doug Hunsberger

Elizabeth Nies

Eric Schwartz

Erika Hodgens

Evan Tucker

Everett Painter

Gianpiero Martone

Greg Culp

Heather Salter

Isela Smith

James Hodge

Jamilia Gates

Janet Pawlowski

Jeneen Asque

Jennifer Jandt

Jill Varner

Joe Schember, Mayor of Erie

Jonathan Williams

Joseph Currier

Joseph Laquidara

Julee McCoy

Julia Gabrys

Katherine Jaroszewicz

Kathy Dahlkemper, Erie County Executive


Katie Lux

Kevin Miller

Kimberly Fezell

Kimberly Range

Kristen Burillo

Laurie Fullerton

Lesha Mae Powell

Lisa Fickenworth

Lori Lutterbaugh

Lori Vitale

Lydia Laythe

Mandy Fauble

MaLinda Mechele Luthey

Maria Modzelewski

Mary Anne Albaugh

Mary B. Johnson

​Mary Gavacs

Matt Koval

Matthew Durney

Megan Howe

Melanie Hetzle-Riggin

Melissa Bible

Michael Gustafson

Michele A. Tome

Monica Stanford

Natalie Tabolt

Patti Palotas

Phyllis Smith

Rachel Pierce

Rebecca Wilcoxson

Robin Keller

Sara Kitchen

Shanna Schumacher

Shelby Karns

Steve Minick

Sue Bennet

Susan Maloney

Tami Krzeszewski-Conway

Tara S. Durkin

Thasia Lunger

Tom Staszewski

Tonya Fetzner

Tracy Palazzotto

Tracy Robison-Chandler

Tracey Weidner

Val Britt

Victoria L. Hough

Wendy Jacobs

Wilson Brown


ECTIC Ambassadors are volunteer agents of change working to reduce the impact of trauma and enhance resiliency in the Erie region.


Ambassadors represent themselves as concerned citizens and/or professional organizations from various disciplines including: social services, physical and behavioral health care, education, government, faith, business and beyond.


All lived-experiences and backgrounds are welcome to champion this local trauma informed movement.


Ambassadors advance the mission of ECTIC through intentional advocacy, self-care, community outreach and partnership building.

Why serve as an

Discovery: Learn more about adversity, the needs of our region and how to promote a revitalized Erie County.

Impact: Contribute to the building of community resilience with the potential to impact health outcomes and an overall improved quality of life now and for generations to come.

Service: Give back to your community in a meaningful way.


Connection: Build relationships, new and existing, to help one another hope and thrive.


Ready to serve and go public

with your commitment to trauma sensitivity, social connection, and enhanced resiliency for our region?

Sign the pledge!


Looking for more information before solidifying your commitment?


Fill out the form and we'll be in touch soon!



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