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Learn to Recognize, Respond, and Refer When You Witness Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence suffer every day of the year. They are assaulted, threatened, insulted, humiliated, isolated, and intimidated by their abusers, whose calculated actions reduce their victims’ lives to rubble. Domestic violence destroys lives and families and it’s time to give victims a voice. Abusers employ emotional, social, sexual, and economic abuse to control every aspect of their victims’ lives. The scars that remain from verbal and mental abuse often linger long after broken bones and bruises have healed. Domestic violence can vary in severity and frequency and can include single incidents as well as chronic and severe incidents over several years. Domestic violence can aff

Preparing for the Worst, Creating the Best: Promoting Preparedness and Self-Care

The video was one I was prepared for – I knew what the content would include, and I knew the purpose for the video. For three years, I have advocated for my university to prioritize preparedness for events mass violence and active shooting. At the beginning of the fall semester, several deans at my institution showed support for preparedness awareness and included the training as part of the first meetings of the academic year. Once the video produced by our campus police department started, however, I noticed my heart rate beginning to soar and I realized I was holding my breath. The video portrayed an active shooter on our own campus, entering our campus center; the victims in the video we

Celebrate Self-Care and Prevent Burnout for Self-Care Awareness Month.

September is Self-Care awareness month and is a time to remind us that taking care of yourself is essential. We often neglect self-care because we put the needs of others before our own. It is crucial to remember that we cannot fill the cups of others if our own cup is empty. Self-care can take many forms, but whatever form it takes it should be a something that helps you remain balanced and calm in the face of adversity. It includes paying attention to how you feel in the moment, speaking up for yourself, saying yes or no as needed without feeling guilty, and communicating clearly about your goals and needs. If we do not focus on our own self-care, we can develop burnout, compassion fatigue

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