January 28, 2020

From TED:

"Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris noticed a disturbing trend as she treated children in an underserved neighborhood in San Francisco: that many of the kids who came to see her had experienced childhood trauma. She began studying how childhood exposure to adver...

At some point in our past, we all have been guilty of responding in an insensitive manner. Our spoken words were not intended to hurt or criticize, and yet were hurtful and critical, nonetheless. In these moments, we often react defensively, not understanding how our s...

In years of research on child maltreatment (emotional, physical and sexual abuse, neglect), we have learned a very powerful lesson. Trauma can have a multigenerational impact that creates risks across generations. In this blog, we will explore some ways that trauma imp...

Many of us will make plans for a new start, including resolutions for the New Year. We will resolve to lose weight, have a different attitude, have better relationships, and engage in self-care practices. This is often based on our past accomplishments or adversity.  F...

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